When you think of Halloween, you may think about the children trick-or-treating. But you are never too old to have a little fun with Halloween. Below are 10 Halloween activities for seniors, that can keep them passionate about the holiday.

Pick something and have a little fun!

10 Creative Halloween Activities for Seniors to Enjoy

Watch Your Favorite Halloween Movies – Pulling out some of the Halloween favorites can bring back a sense of normalcy and nostalgia, something especially important for those living with dementia.

Go for a Fall Walk – It’s a great time to keep the legs moving before the winter weather sets in. The beautiful fall colors can make a nice walk worth the while.

Make Some Halloween Related Crafts – Now may be the perfect time to make beautiful Halloween-related centerpieces, decorations, and other seasonal crafts.

Bake Halloween Treats for the Kids – For those with a sweet tooth or with grandchildren with a sweet tooth, it may be time to get in the kitchen and put those baking skills to use. 

Play Halloween-Themed Games – Halloween or seasonal-themed games can be a great way to have fun with family and friends.

Pumpkin Carving – This timeless classic can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Carving pumpkins can be an excellent form of creative expression. This can be one of the best Halloween activities for seniors.

A Trip to the Orchard – Everyone loves a trip to the orchard to find the perfect pumpkins, go apple picking, or sneak a taste of the cider and donuts.

Sharing Scary Stories – Scary stories are a staple of the season. The bonus is that the creativity of it all is great for seniors with memory problems or dementia. 

Dress Up in Costumes – Costumes are another way to have fun no matter your age. Homemade costumes can also spark some creative impulses.

Decorate the Front Yard – For seniors still living at home, you may be able to get into the spirit by placing Halloween decorations in the front yard. This can be ghosts, skeletons, gravestones, or something more elaborate.