RampNOW Rents and Sells ADA Ramps

When it comes down to it, Wood Ramps Rot, Concrete Ramps Deteriorate, and Steel Wheelchair Ramps rust! That’s why we use our Aluminum Infinity ramps!

They are BUILT TO LAST, with little to no maintenance or upkeep! Our Infinity modular ramps / commercial ramps  come with a lifetime warranty on labor and craftsmanship. 

We are sure you will love our line of products whether you need a modular ramp, threshold ramp, portable ramp, or commercial ramp.

Most popular types of ramps we offer:

Infinity Modular Ramps

Infinity Commercial Ramps

Portable Ramps

Threshold Ramps

A wheelchair ramp is usually installed in addition to or instead of stairs. Ramps permit wheelchair users, as well as people using walkers and power chairs easily access a building. Ramps must be carefully designed in order to be useful. Many jurisdictions have established minimum widths and maximum slopes. A less steep rise can be easier for a wheelchair user to navigate, as well as safer in icy climates.

A wheelchair ramp can be permanent, modular or portable. We have installed Wheelchair ramps all over Chicago and Chicagoland.

Modular ramps are more durable than wooden ramps and can be moved or reconfigured.  Modular ramps rest on top of the ground. They are exempt from building permits in most localities. Modular ramps are usually constructed of aluminum, which does not rust. Steel is occasionally used for modular ramps but steel ramps tend to look bad after a few months. For our Modular ramps we use our very own INFINITY RAMPS! These Infinity ramps are built to last with little to no maintenance and or upkeep.

Portable ramps are usually aluminum and typically fold for ease of transport. Portable ramps are primarily intended for home and building use but can also be used with vans to load an unoccupied mobility device or to load an occupied mobility device when both the device and the passenger are easy to handle.

Threshold ramps make it easy to get over most thresholds and come in aluminum and dense rubber options.

Commercial ramps are a great long term and cost effective solution for any schools, churches, commercial buildings, institutions, and or places with high foot traffic.

The ramps we typically stay away from if at all possible are: 

Wood ramps: Permanent ramps are usually constructed from wood with concrete footings.  Wooden ramps need to be painted on a regular basis. As wooden ramps tend to be slippery, you usually want to make a wooden ramp about 30% longer than a similar metal ramp that has a built in non-slip surface. Wood ramps tend to require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Eventually however it will rot.

Metal or Steel ramps: These type of ada ramps are usually coated in a black plastic substance. They are also full of holes by design so that it is lighter to haul around. However when that plastic covering gets removed in areas, the steel underneath will rust. It can also be difficult putting rock salt on an icy ramp with holes in it.

Concrete ramps: Not only are concrete ramps expensive, but they also chip, break, and deteriorate over time and eventually need to be replaced.

That’s why, we prefer our Aluminum Modular Infinity ramps above all else!