Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turn-around time for your stair lifts and ramps?2016-09-29T12:40:55-05:00

We are proud to say that in most cases we can get your stair lift or ramp within 2-3 business days after your say “Lets do it!”

Do you have a referral program?2016-09-29T12:39:58-05:00

Yes we do 🙂 If you refer a friend to us, and they buy a stair lift, modular ramp, or vertical platform lift, we will reward you with a $50.00 gift card!

Now that is a good deal!!!

Do you buyback your stair lifts or ramps?2016-09-29T12:38:03-05:00

Yes! We are one of the few companies that will actually do this.

Most companies will sell it to you and forget it! We understand that sometimes life happens and you don’t have a need for them anymore.

We don’t have a buyback policy set in stone, however we do look at each particular case and in most cases we re-purchase our equipment.

When and if we buy back equipment also depends on our current need and inventory at that time.

Do you need a permit?2016-09-29T12:33:29-05:00

99% of the time, no. If there is a situation that requires a permit you will be notified and we can walk you through the process on how those are handled.


Do you offer financing?2016-09-29T12:29:38-05:00

YES! We are proud to say we offer financing.

How Much does it cost? Can you give me a ballpark?2016-09-29T12:24:18-05:00

I get this question all the time… and it’s a legitimate question to ask.

We have so many different types of stair lifts, ramps, and vehicle lifts that it’s hard to say exactly how much something is going to cost until we have a chance to actually see what you need.

That’s where our 15 minute quote comes in. In 15 minutes we can come up with several options whether that is buying new, used, rental, or rent to own.

Ballparks are NEVER right… it’s always a guess.

Unfortunately some companies will quote you VERY LOW in order to come out and then price you on something a lot higher because the item they quoted you over the phone on is suddenly “unavailable”. This is called bait and switch. We don’t play games and would rather be honest with you from the very beginning.

That’s why we don’t give ball parks. Each person and situation is unique and we want to do our best to accommodate that.

How Long have you been in business?2016-09-29T12:20:04-05:00

We are proud to say that RampNOW has been offering solutions since 2004!

How far does the track stick out at the bottom?2016-09-29T12:19:08-05:00

That really all depends on how deep or how shallow your staircase is. On average it will stick out past the last step by about 8-12″

The other solution if you do not want it to stick out at all is to invest in a hinged track. This will allow you to fold up the track at the bottom.

We have done our research to make sure that the tracks we offer have minimal intrusion when compared to our competitors.


Does the stair lift drill into the wall?2016-09-29T11:54:10-05:00

No, the stair lift will secure itself to 3 – 4 steps on your stair case depending on how long the stair case is.

There are heavy duty kits that will secure to different parts of the wall if needed.

How much room will a stair lift take up on my staircase?2016-09-28T16:28:18-05:00

Not much at all! That’s one of the great things about going with our company 🙂 We have spent years doing research on all the best stair lifts that take up the least amount of room, so you don’t have to.

Is your free evaluation really only 15 minutes?2016-09-28T16:18:48-05:00

Yes! We really can come up with options for you in 15 minutes or less (depending on how many questions you have).

Our technicians (not sales people) are the same ones that install and service this equipment.

That means you have the benefit of NOT sitting through a long presentation or dog and pony show.

We give you the best options, with the best pricing, all up front with no sales gimmicks or high pressure sales techniques.

What are your office hours?2016-09-21T14:01:12-05:00

Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Do you ever have coupons?2016-09-21T10:31:13-05:00

We will occasionally send or promote a coupon code for use with our site. Make sure you check our facebook page.

Do you have a price match guarantee?2016-09-21T10:30:21-05:00

Great prices are included with our great service! Call us and we will try hard to get you the price you need.

What does the Americans with Disabilities Act say about ramps2016-08-02T19:06:04-05:00

ADA ramp guidelines

In part it reads:

4.8.2* Slope and Rise. The least possible slope shall be used for any ramp. The maximum slope of a ramp in new construction shall be 1:12. The maximum rise for any run shall be 30 in (760 mm). Curb ramps and ramps to be constructed on existing sites or in existing buildings or facilities may have slopes and rises as allowed in if space limitations prohibit the use of a 1:12 slope or less.

4.8.3 Clear Width. The minimum clear width of a ramp shall be 36 in (915 mm).

4.8.4* Landings. Ramps shall have level landings at bottom and top of each ramp and each ramp run. Landings shall have the following features:

(1) The landing shall be at least as wide as the ramp run leading to it.

(2) The landing length shall be a minimum of 60 in (1525 mm) clear.

(3) If ramps change direction at landings, the minimum landing size shall be 60 in by 60 in (1525 mm by 1525 mm).

(4) If a doorway is located at a landing, then the area in front of the doorway shall comply with

4.8.5* Handrails. If a ramp run has a rise greater than 6 in (150 mm) or a horizontal projection greater than 72 in (1830 mm), then it shall have handrails on both sides. Handrails are not required on curb ramps or adjacent to seating in assembly areas. Handrails shall comply with 4.26 and shall have the following features:

(1) Handrails shall be provided along both sides of ramp segments. The inside handrail on switchback or dogleg ramps shall always be continuous.

(2) If handrails are not continuous, they shall extend at least 12 in (305 mm) beyond the top and bottom of the ramp segment and shall be parallel with the floor or ground surface

(3) The clear space between the handrail and the wall shall be 1 – 1/2 in (38 mm).

(4) Gripping surfaces shall be continuous.

(5) Top of handrail gripping surfaces shall be mounted between 34 in and 38 in (865 mm and 965 mm) above ramp surfaces.

(6) Ends of handrails shall be either rounded or returned smoothly to floor, wall, or post.

(7) Handrails shall not rotate within their fittings.

Will the ramp be too steep?2016-08-02T19:05:31-05:00

When we do the free home evaluation, we bring along a sample wheelchair ramp. You will be able to see how steep the ramp is at 1:12, 1:8, 2:12 and 3:12 slopes.

What if I want to have less ramping?2016-08-02T19:05:13-05:00

Less ramping could be used If space is limited, the user is very strong, a power wheelchair or scooter is used, or an able bodied assistant is at hand. For maximum safety, we always recommend following ADA guidelines.

We can adapt the ramp to your individual needs.

How much ramp do you recommend?2016-08-02T19:04:50-05:00

We always recommend that a ramp be built in compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). These are wheelchair ramps built to that specification, a 1:12 ratio, platforms for turning and resting, and handrails.

How much does the home evaluation cost?2016-08-02T18:58:10-05:00

The home evaluation service that RampNOW performs is free. We will assess your access options, demonstrate our sample ramping and consult with you on your needs at no charge. (There may be a charge for traveling to your location. If there is such a charge, you will be notified in advance.)


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