The holidays are almost upon us, and for many, that means additional stress. Making sure the gatherings are perfect, the presents are purchased, and everything is in its right place can quickly take its toll on the best of us.


Below are some of the best techniques for stress management, so that you can keep your mental strength through the challenging moments.


Best Techniques for Stress Management


Lean Into Laughter


You may not feel fully in the mood during the worst of the holiday stress, but popping in a funny movie, telling funny stories with a friend, or just laughing more can pull you out of a holiday funk and help you lower that stress level.


Social Connection


When life feels intolerable, reaching out to friends or family can be a saving grace. The right person can serve as a much-needed distraction from a stressful situation or the much-needed support. While instinct might tell you to isolate yourself, talking with the right people may be your better option.


In addition to this, volunteering with others can help provide you with a sense of purpose.




When our thought patterns are out of control, it may help to try meditation. Simply sitting on the floor in an upright position while focusing on your breath can provide a respite from a stressful situation. Meditation is more about acknowledging your thoughts than controlling them.




A sedentary lifestyle can lead to more stress. Simply getting out and walking 30 minutes a day can work wonders to relieve your stress level. Any exercise that leads to an elevated heart rate will also have other benefits, and reduce stress. This is one of the best techniques for stress management available.


A Healthy Diet


Less processed food and more fruit and vegetables can help equip your body to naturally handle stress. The less sugar and trans fats you eat, the better off you’ll be.