Illinois has over 200 species of trees, and as the cooler months roll in, many of them begin to put on magnificent color displays with their leaves. Illinois has some beautiful parks and towns, where these leaves are on prominent display. Below is a list of some of the best fall treasures that our state has to offer.


This town is known for its antiques and quaint shopping, but the rolling hills near the historic district offer a beautiful panoramic view that you won’t easily forget.

Traveling Route 66

The scenery is what makes traveling this historic highway worthwhile. In the autumn, that scenery is filled with beautiful color. This road stretches from the Chicago area down to the Mississippi River and offers a drive through some of Illinois’ most beautiful prairies and bluffs overlooking the Mississippi.

Starved Rock

Starved Rock State Park near Ottawa offers some of the state’s most breathtaking canyons, and in the fall they are filled with beautiful shades of orange and brown. The trees that line the waterfalls and create a backdrop to the Illinois River create a memorable fall experience.

Anderson Japanese Gardens

The beautifully landscaped Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford offer a serene view of the fall colors. Take a look at some of the trees in the park for one of the most pristine autumn experiences that Illinois has to offer. The koi living in the nearby ponds add to the autumn color experience.

Garden of the Gods

For those looking for a bit of a road trip, the Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois offers a beautiful autumn color experience. The rock formations found deep in the Shawnee National Forest provide a beautiful backdrop with the changing leaves. The views from around one of Illinois’ most beautiful state parks can be breathtaking.