My 83 y/o father was discharged from the hospital in a very weak state. He refused to move from their 2 story house in McHenry where they have lived for over 60 years. They have a very steep staircase up to the second floor where the only bath/shower is located. I called John from ramp now on Wednesday evening surprised to speak to a human voice. He answers calls 24/7. He had a salesman out there Friday morning, the day my Father was discharged, to explain everything to my Sister and Mother. Carlos was very kind and personable. He said he would be there at 10:30 and that he was. They would have installed it the next day if it were not the weekend. They came as promised at 10:30 Monday morning and installed the lift chair withing 1 hour. We cannot say enough about the entire process. Everyone was very professional and did a fantastic job. The chair was half the cost of what we had anticipated. My Father loves it because he can stay in his beloved house and we all have peace of mind knowing that he is going up and down in a safe manner. As a nurse, I will be recommending this company to anyone who may be in the same situation as my Father.

Carol from Naperville