It doesn’t really matter if we’re talking about stamps, baseball cards, music, shoes, or dresses – when you’re interested in something enough to collect it, that can switch something powerful in our brains. The mental health benefits of collecting are more than you might imagine.

Collecting can literally transport us to a happy place. Below are just a few of the positives.


Immerse Yourself in the Mental Health Benefits of Collecting


It Builds Your Curiosity

With the ability to log online from our computers or our smart phones, we have incredible knowledge on just about any subject available to us at our fingertips. When we collect something, the desire is to learn as much as possible about the given subject emerges, which can help us to learn more and grow our confidence.


It Improves Your Creativity

There’s a reason that creative people tend to collet things: they may find something visually stimulating or inspiring at the right moment. For many, creativity depends on taking bits of information and inspiration from other places and drawing them together in a new form. Collecting anything can give you more to draw from at a later time.


It Reduces Stress

Too much stress can adversely affect your mental and physical health. Spending time with your collection can leave you feeling passionate, a possible anecdote to that stressful feeling. You can mindfully explore the items in your collection and leave what’s stressing you out behind. This is one of the most powerful mental health benefits of collecting anything.


A Nostalgia for Childhood 

A passion for collecting is often built during childhood, and many of the objects that we choose to collect may bring us back to that time. This can often transport us to a happier, simpler time when life wasn’t quite so complicated.

Anything that brings us back that way can provide a happier respite for mental health.


The mental health benefits of collecting can offer a powerful life-enhancer. It’s a way to remove us from the stressors of the everyday world and bring us back to simpler times.