My boss John Sargent, the owner of rampNOW, had me read this book when I first started working. I thought it was a pretty good book and worth checking out. It is written about the life and times of his great grandfather Leonard F. Sargent Sr. and documents his ongoings and travels.

If you get a moment please visit the Sawdust blog.


Saw-Dust is a collection of stories about a pioneering family who, in 1860, moved from Vermont to the northwoods of Wisconsin. The true stories were written by Leonard Sargent (Jr.) and take place primarily in Marathon and Forest counties. This is a picture of Leonard F. Sargent, Sr. He was born in 1860. One of the mysteries in the book is that he claimed to have been born in Battle Boro (Brattleboro) Vermont, but he was probably born in Quebec.