How the Pandemic is Impacting a Population Already in Need of Medical Care

The pandemic and the disabled – there are several impacts of this medical emergency that need to be taken into account. Mental health can be greatly impacted by increased levels of stress and anxiety. Many disabled people are also placed at a higher risk for more severe disease, as well.

Below are just a few of the impacts of the pandemic on this group.

The Pandemic and the Disabled: The Impacts of a Medical Emergency

Social Isolation

The feeling of social isolation from physical distancing impacts everyone, but many disabled people may have a smaller social network. This loneliness can deteriorate mental health and become a source of anxiety. This loneliness can also become a catalyst for further health complications.

Increased Risk for Disease

Not every disability puts a person at higher risk for Covid-19. It’s best to talk with a medical professional to find out if you are at further risk. But some do. For example, those with a compromised immune system may be at a heightened risk.

This classification can of course lead to higher stress. But it also means that certain people may need to do more to take precautions for the disease.

Ability to Seek Treatment

The social isolation and increased risk for the disease may impact the ability to seek further necessary treatments, which can lead to further health complications. In the first few months after the pandemic, many medical facilities closed or scaled back on the care that they offered, making it tougher to receive medical care.

Take The Right Precautions

The pandemic and the disabled – there is a lot this population will have to do to stay healthy and safe as this medical emergency continues on.

It’s important for you and your family to understand the risks with any underlying medical condition. Doctors can provide an appropriate plan for seeking continued medical care. It’s important to take appropriate precautions and stay safe during this pandemic.

It’s also important to realize that our current situation won’t last forever and that the heightened risk levels from the pandemic will eventually subside.