Disability comes in all types, and so do the issues that they face. From accessibility to employment, there are several issues facing the disabled. Below are just a few.

Lack of Access to their Physical Environment – Staircases. Tiny elevators. Narrow doors. Most people take these physical realities for granted. For the physically disabled they may be the difference between access and the inability to get where they need to go. While more buildings and public spaces are handicap accessible than ever before, a lack of physical accessibility can remain a problem for those in wheelchairs.

Wheelchair ramps and stairlifts can improve access for the disabled. 

Negative Attitudes Towards the Disabled – These negative attitudes and negative perceptions can come in a variety of packages. People may stereotype the disabled and just assume that their quality of life is poor because of their situation. There can also be stigmas and prejudice. For instance, a disabled person may be treated as though their condition is their fault, or somehow a punishment for previous behaviors. 

Communication Barriers – This can occur when there is no large-print or brail version for those who are sight impaired. It can include videos that do not have captioning options for the deaf. Even the use of high-level vocabulary or technical jargon can exclude the cognitive impaired. Web accessibility is becoming a more pressing issue so that the disabled can have access to information. 

The Social Security Crisis – Social Security for disability faces the same budgetary crisis as the retirement fund. Congress periodically needs to transfer money from the retirement fund into the disability fund. In the current political environment, much social spending can be placed under severe scrutiny.

Employment Opportunity – Social Security, Medicaid, or Medicare benefits can cause a disincentive to work for some. When you earn over a certain amount, you may no longer receive access to certain health or disability benefits that government programs provide. This creates an environment where it’s more beneficial to take the benefits than to work. It makes it harder for a person to improve their income levels.

These are just a few of the everyday issues facing the disabled. The Centers for Disease Control offer more information on the common barriers this community faces.