Antiques provide a timeless and nostalgic approach to decorating that never goes out of style. While much of the modern furniture just isn’t made the way it used to be made, antiques can provide a long-lasting approach. There’s nothing quite like owning solid-wood furniture.

Below are some tips for decorating with antiques, that can make your home a place that you look forward to returning to on a daily basis.

Ideas for Decorating with Antiques

Find a Statement Piece

A large and elegant table or centerpiece can tie a room together. It may serve a purpose or provide a place to entertain. These types of pieces can provide a traditional approach to decorating. When you combine antiques with a modern approach, it can give the room a fresh appeal.


Repurposing old Pieces

It’s possible to take old sideboards or outdated pieces and turn them into something useful and functional inside your home. This can provide an elegant look while having the combined benefit of being resourceful to fill your needs.


Layering with New Designs

Using antiques in conjunction with a new design has the benefit of making a home feel rooted in tradition, while sporting a modern appeal. When done right, it can make a home feel more inviting and appealing, and when you zoom out on the room, you may lose sight of what is old and what is new.



The antiques you use in a given room don’t need to be eye-grabbing centerpieces. Accent tables can add more subtle character into the mix.


Using Reproduction Pieces

Reproductions may feel like cheating to an antique lover, but they can add a little feeling into the room. It can add to the history in a well-designed room, and help you along in the process of re-inventing the space.


There are No Hard and Fast Rules

When decorating with antiques, the sky is the limit. You are free to get as creative as you want in the process of maximizing your living space.