Taking advantage of delivery services during the lockdown can help to keep seniors and other vulnerable members of the population safe. It’s a good idea to stay put as much as possible as Covid-19 makes its way through the general population. But that doesn’t mean that you’re forced to go without certain goods.

There are plenty of food, retail, and even hardware outlets offering delivery services during the lockdown. It all adds up to less trips outside the house.

Grocery Delivery

Let’s look at some of the essentials, first. Many grocery stores such as Woodman’s, Jewel, and WalMart offer delivery services directly. An employee will shop for your order, and the groceries arrive on your doorstep. But as you can imagine, the grocery stores are stressed and busy right now, and delivery projections may be several days out.

Companies such as Instacart have a network of shoppers who will essentially perform the same service. All of this adds up to being able to secure your weekly food without having to leave your home.

Retail Delivery

When you’re stuck at home for the foreseeable future there are a certain amount of things that fall into the “nice to have” category. There are several retail stores offering same-day delivery in certain areas and on certain products.

Now is also a challenging time to shop for clothes. Some clothing stores are offering delivery or curbside pickup options. Either way, they are keeping customers and employees at a safe distance from each other by offering delivery services during the lockdown.

Hardware Store Delivery 

Spring is here, and for many of us, it’s hard to spend this much time at home without going through our to-do lists. There’s also the matter of landscaping to attend to. Several hardware stores including Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and Menards will also deliver to your home for your convenience.

Restaurant Delivery 

Restaurant owners are looking for creative ways to stay in business when they can no longer fill their dining areas with customers. Many restaurants that previously never offered delivery are doing so now. The best way you can find out if your favorite restaurant is delivering is to call or check their website.

Curbside Pickups and Amazon Shipping 

If your favorite retailer isn’t offering home deliveries at this time, chances are they may be offering curbside pickups. While this does involve leaving the house, your order will be brought to your vehicle. You can stay at a safe distance.

The other option for just about anything you need is Amazon deliveries. Their delivery drivers are busy right now, and shipping on some items is delayed in order to prioritize essential goods.

Staying at Home 

As Covid-19 makes its way through the population, the best thing that you can do is to stay home. Just about anything you need can be brought to you these days – which is great news for the senior population. Delivery services during the lockdown make it easier to obtain the items that you need or want for your home without putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Before you leave the house to go purchase something, find out if it can be brought to you first.