Whether you are brand new to using one, or it’s all you’ve ever known, there are many everyday issues people in wheelchairs face.

Whether you’re in your home or out in public, surprises may lurk around every corner. Below are just a few.


No Mirror or Sink is at the Right Height

Wheelchair users will be lucky to catch a glimpse of the top of their head as they clean up at the sink. They may have to hold their hands at an uncomfortably high height, too.


Greasy, Oily Hands

When you’re pushing those wheels to get from point A to point B, it’s easy to see how you can pick up the greasy, dirty grime. There’s an almost constant need to wash your hands, but you have to let them dry again to be able to move around without slipping.


Tight Turnarounds

Small public bathrooms or other accommodations can make it difficult to easily get in and get out. This makes exits and turnarounds tricky.


Handicap Parking Problems

Sometimes people without permits park in the handicap spaces, forcing those who need them to park further away. Sometimes the people who do need the spaces get uncomfortable looks when they use them.


The Counter is Too High

Whether you are at a coffee shop or a bar, there may be a countertop that is simply too high to be seen over. This can complicate getting caffeine or alcohol.


Added Wear and Tear On Your Vehicle

Constantly throwing your chair into the car can leave some mystery scratch marks on the outside, and on the interior roof if you’re not careful. They may just show up anyway.


Wheelchair Usage Requires A Change in Lifestyle

Wheelchair usage would take getting used to. There are a lot of everyday issues that people in wheelchairs face that the rest of us might not see. It helps to try to maintain some perspective in these situations.