living-alone-1For the majority of families, there comes a time when a decision needs to be made about where an elderly relative will live, but it can
often be hard to know whether you’re making the right choice. If you’re caring for an elderly person and you’re not sure whether living alone at an old age is best for them, take a look at the following tips which will help you make an informed decision.

1. My Parent is Healthy
The possibility of falling over and breaking a few bones and injuring themselves is high, regardless of your state of health; good or bad. If
your parent’s feet are not as steady as they used to be, then it’s about time you enlisted the services of living assistance or residential elderly care professionals.

2. When Alzheimer’s Symptoms Start To Show
Alzheimer’s disease is not age-specific though it is most likely to affect the elderly. Unmistakable symptoms are forgetfulness, confusion
and an evident difficulty in the processing of simple information. If your parent is showing any of these signs, then encourage them to visit
their doctor.

3. Disease and Impairment
Contraction of illness or physical disability by an elderly person
means that their independent life will most likely be compromised. While
it is very much possible to offer quality, 24/7 care at home it will
not be readily achievable without enlisting the services of a reputable
residential elderly care if they are at risk.

4. Personality Changes or Lack of Hygiene
Good indicators of the need for you to intervene are the sudden
drastic changes in personality, social traits or basic hygiene, old age
or dementia, or not.

5. Family Burden
Modern families are busy trying to juggle kids, social lives, careers
and lots more, so the inclusion of elderly care can be too much for you
to handle. Although in an ideal world we’d all like to be able to spare
the time, money and space to care for elderly relatives in our homes,
the reality is that doing so can be extremely stressful for everyone
involved and harm the relationship between the older person in question
and the rest of the family. In many cases when a parent needs constant
care, the best option is to choose elderly residential care where they
will be looked after and kept company by professionals. They’ll receive
the best possible care from the qualified staff, and you can ensure your
parent maintains a positive relationship with you and your family.
Living alone at an old age cannot be an option.

6. Accessibility Equipment
Sometimes having a stair lift, wheelchair ramp, or vertical platform lift installed in the home can make a huge difference for elderly people maintaining independence with dignity. This type of equipment can safely get them in, out, and around the house.

It is never easy to watch your parent or elderly relative become
frail and delicate, but taking the right steps guarantees you the peace
and comfort of your aging loved one.

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