If you have an aging family member, you may have found yourself wondering how to know when you need a walker. There are several signs, but below are a few key signals to look for, as you ponder this question. 

Increased Fatigue – As people age, they grow tired more easily. Whether it’s due to a respiratory condition or de-conditioned fitness levels, if you’re having trouble walking short distances, it may be time to use a walker. Chronic illnesses can increase fatigue, while your body is busy fighting disease.

Whatever the reason, a four-wheel walker can help you maintain balance – and is able to withstand your body weight. Many four-wheel walkers also come with a seat, so that you can rest if needed.

There Have Been Previous Falls – A pattern of falling is a sign that you could potentially use a walker. If you’ve broken bones in falls, it’s possible that the joint will remain weaker after it heals. It can exacerbate balance or back pain issues, and create a situation where that joint may be more likely to be injured from minor incidents.

A walker can also provide a psychological boost for those who were afraid of a fall.

You’re Avoiding Activity In Your Daily Life – If you’ve fallen and recovered, but you still avoid certain activities, it may be a sign that you need a confidence boost. The help of a walker may provide exactly what you need.

Balance is Proving an Issue – Balance issues can be a fact of aging. Low blood pressure, neurological issues, or plain dizziness can all impact our ability to walk. It’s not uncommon for people with these and other conditions to fall. A walker can be of assistance in these situations.

Buying a Walker

When you consider these signs, how to know when you need a walker becomes easier.

If your need is temporary, you may be able to rent or borrow a walker. But if you have a condition that will require long-term use of a walker, the best option is to buy one. Our sister company Home Access Products has a selection of high-end walkers designed to help you maintain your mobility and walk tall.