If you are looking for a wheelchair ramp, it’s important to have some key information on hand. Finding the right ramp for you depends on your chair, the size of the vertical rise, and other key information. It’s important to understand these factors before the shopping process can begin.

Below are some considerations to make as you determine which ramp best meets your needs.

Collecting Information While Looking for a Wheelchair Ramp

Understand Your Chair or Device 

Keep the length, width, and weight of the chair on hand for when you are shopping for a ramp. It’s also good to know the weight of the wheelchair user and caregiver, if applicable. The weight of the chair can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Knowing this information will make it easier to find the ramp best suited to your needs.

Know The Vertical Rise

This is a crucial bit of information that helps us to calculate how long the ramp will need to be. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that for every inch in vertical rise, you should have 12 inches of ramp. This determines how steep the ramp will be. Some situations may require additional length.

Additional Features

Some ramps might come with additional features like handrails, or mounting pins for a more permanent installation. Many of our ramps are designed to accommodate your specific needs.

Do You Need Portability?

If you travel a fair amount, you may want to take threshold ramps or smaller ramps with you. Some may fold up in order to fit into a vehicle. Others can be disassembled and reassembled, but that’s not always an ideal solution.

Find The Ramp That’s Right For You 

If you’re new to looking for a wheelchair ramp, the amount of information involved can be overwhelming. If you need assistance in the process, contact one of our friendly representatives today!