New Year’s Eve is known as a holiday for gathering and having fun. Whether it’s Times Square in New York, or a small gathering amongst friends close to home, NYE 2021 won’t be quite the same as those that came before it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Illinois Department of Public Health have come out with New Year’s Eve and holiday season safety tips to help ensure that everyone has a safe holiday, no matter their plans.

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

Avoid Large Crowds, and Poorly Ventilated Places – Crowds and poor ventilation are a recipe for disease spread when it comes to Covid.

Wear a Mask – This is one of the single most important things that people can do to stop the spread of the disease and still have a little bit of fun over the holiday. In cold weather, you can still wear your mask underneath a scarf, according to the CDC. You can also keep extra in your car or in your purse, in case they become wet with winter moisture.

Social Distance – Staying six feet apart is another important method for stopping the spread of the disease and having a safe New Year’s Eve.

Consider Seating Arrangements – If there’s a meal involved, that may be one of the riskiest times for disease spread. The IDPH website recommends seating families together, and spacing out the seating in order to limit spread. If there are enough people there, eating in shifts may also be a good idea.

Use Caution Travelling – Travel is risky this holiday season. If you or anyone in your family is feeling ill, consider not going. If anyone you’re going to visit is feeling ill, you can consider staying home, too. Check the CDC website for additional travel guidelines before you leave.

Remember, It’s Temporary

The vaccine is a ray of hope when it comes to ending the pandemic. While this winter and the holiday season will be difficult, an end to this pandemic may be in sight. For more information on New Year’s Eve safety, visit the CDC and IDPH holiday guidance pages.