There’s no question the Covid-19 pandemic has brought significant stress to people across America. But the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are recommending that families take specific safety measures in order to have a safe Christmas in 2020.

Below are some of the safety tips from public health experts so that you can have a safe holiday if you are gathering people from different households.

Safe Christmas Recommendations from Health Experts

Consider Outdoor Gatherings, If You Can

Yes, Jack Frost will be nipping, but it’s still the safest way to reduce the spread of the virus from people amongst different households. Fire pits, space heaters, or gas heaters may provide a little more comfort. Experts recommend that if you meet outdoors, you still wear masks.

Limit Attendees, as Much as Possible

This is hard, we know. But the fewer people who attend, the safer your Christmas holiday will be. It also makes the recommendation for social distancing a little easier in places where there is limited space.

Consider the Ventilation

If the cold is too much and you gather indoors, consider ventilating the house more than you would for an average gathering. An open window or door will help contaminated air dissipate that much faster.

Separate Food for Separate Households

If you do decide to gather, it may help to bring separate food for separate households. This way there is less cross-contamination.

Limit Travel

If the area that you live has hospitals that are overwhelmed, a high number of virus cases, or travel restrictions, travel may not be the safest course of action. It may be wise to look at some of these factors before you travel. The CDC site has more travel considerations, and tips for staying in overnight locations.

Have a Merry and Safe Christmas

This pandemic has been extremely stressful and isolating. But it’s important to remember that the pandemic is still here, and certain safety precautions should be adhered to in order to make sure that you have a merry and safe Christmas in 2020.