A safe Thanksgiving during the pandemic may be a complicated feat. The holiday is normally a time for the family to gather around the table and share a turkey meal. There may be football and a little alcohol involved, and there is almost always visiting with relatives that don’t live with you.

These core elements can still play a part in your holiday, but in order to make it safe in 2020, some other considerations should be made.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, these are a few strategies and factors for a safe Thanksgiving during the pandemic:

Avoid Travel – Airports are risky places for virus transmission, but so are gas stations, rest stops, or any sort of public transportation. If your family lives a long distance away, the safest thing might be to sit this one out.

Consider the Location – Weather will almost surely play a factor in the location for your Thanksgiving gathering. But indoor gatherings with little to no ventilation pose the most significant risk for virus transmission.

The Number of People – The larger the gathering, the higher the risk of virus transmission. This is further complicated if the gathering occurs in a small location. Masks, social distancing (as much as possible) and regular hand washing can help to mitigate this risk.

Who Attends – A college student has surely had more exposure risk than a senior who hasn’t left the house other than to go to the store. A nurse may likely have had more risk than a remote employee. All of these factors play in to the safety of your gathering.

A safe Thanksgiving during the pandemic is possible, but people may need to change the rules a bit for their gatherings. These suggestions from the CDC can help keep everyone safe as we share our gratitude together.