Local farmer’s markets offer a fun adventure out for the family, but there are also some distinct advantages to eating local food. Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes increased options for local produce. This offers us some nutritious food choices, as well as economic and environmental advantages.

Are you ready to take advantage of what your local farmer’s market offers?

4 Advantages to Eating Local Food

  • Local and Fresh Means More Nutrients – The longer that produce sits, the more nutrients it loses. When it comes to farmer’s market food, there is less time spent between the field and your table. The food that goes to your supermarket may sit for longer periods of time in a distribution center. Fresh food at a farmer’s market keeps more of its nutritional value.
  • Understand How the Food Was Grown – Find out what practices were used in the farming of the crops. Ask if there were pesticides or herbicides, or if the food is organic. These are answers you may not receive at the grocery store.
  • Less Chance for Contamination – When food doesn’t need to be shipped or stored, there is less chance for contamination in the harvesting, storage, or distribution processes. You’re likelier to receive food with more nourishing benefits – and it’s delicious, too.
  • Benefit the Environment – Local foods don’t need to be trucked in from far distances, giving it a smaller carbon footprint. It’s also a beneficial use of local open space, and can be a more environmentally friendly use of the land, when compared with development.

Eating local food comes with some tremendous advantages. Making changes to incorporate more produce into your diet can lead to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. As the summer kicks in, there are more opportunities to eat healthy with local farm-grown produce. This can add up to big health benefits.


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