Finding the best wheelchair ramp for Chicago involves evaluating several factors. Of course you are looking for a durable, high-quality ramp that provides wheelchair users easy access to a home or public space. But the reality is we live in the Midwest, and cold, wintery weather is always a factor. You need a ramp that still provides safe access, and won’t wear down under constant exposure to ice melt, moisture, or cold weather.

Below are some factors that you should consider as you choose the best wheelchair ramp for Chicago.

Can You Winterize the Ramp?

RampNow wheelchair ramps are made from aluminum, and there are certain measures that should be taken into consideration regarding winter care. For instance, salt can have a corrosive impact, so it’s better to use ice melt on the ramp. Whatever ramp that you choose, make sure that it can withstand harsh winter weather, and that you understand how to care for it.

The Durability Factor

Modular ramps tend to be more durable than wooden ramps. Wood needs to be repaired from time to time, and it needs repainting on a regular basis. Modular ramps can also be moved or reconfigured when necessary. They don’t require a building permit because the components simply rest on top of the ground. Another advantage to modular ramps is that they are most often made from aluminum, which does not rust.

DIY vs Professionally Built Wheelchair Ramps

Many new wheelchair ramp customers are tempted to build a DIY wheelchair ramp, but this does pose certain risks. While this path may save you time and money, it can also compromise safety and durability. While we fully acknowledge that not all DIY wheelchair ramps are created equal, a professional ramp allows you to rest easy.

Finding the Best Wheelchair Ramp for Chicago

The wheelchair ramp that you select may come down to your individual needs. Contact the professionals at RampNow today, and we can help you select the right ramp for you!