There are many benefits of nature, especially following a long winter and the impacts of the pandemic. The good news is that the calendar is about to turn, and with it, we have more ability to enjoy the outdoors.

Hiking, biking, walking, and outdoor sports are just a few of the ways that we can enjoy our time in nature. You may also be able to take an outdoor exercise class, or join a walking club to grab some of the benefits.

Your preferences may depend on your personal taste, but with spring around the corner, it’s time to consider some of these benefits of nature.

The Benefits of Nature


Makes Exercise Fun – Enjoying nature opens up more avenues for exercise such as walking, hiking riding your bike, or outdoor sports. There are more opportunities to enjoy the scenery as you are moving about.

Stress Reduction – Spending time outdoors has been known to lower your heart rate, a common marker for stress.

Improved Mental Health – A walk in nature has been shown to improve mental health. Even a quick walk through the trees can help.

An Immune Booster – Breathing in phytoncides has been showed to help humans produce more white blood cells, boosting their immune system.

Increase Your Creativity – When you can step away from the screen to enjoy some time in nature, the ideas bounce back. It helps to dedicate a portion of your day to a meditative activity such as walking, hiking, or riding your bike.

Natural Vitamin D – Exposure to sunlight is one of the best ways for our bodies to absorb vitamin D. There are many benefits to vitamin D, including regulating the immune system, regulating hypertension, and more.

Make Time to Get Outdoors

No matter your situation, it’s important to spend at least a little time outdoors. The benefits of nature are enough to improve your life. Even just a few minutes a day is enough to make a significant difference.