Spring is just around the corner and vaccines are quickly becoming a reality for the senior population. The potential is there for more socialization and recreation amongst this group. So the question “What can seniors do to have fun?” can be answered in multiple ways.

Let’s look at some of the options that exist for vaccinated seniors that may not have existed beforehand. Whatever activity you choose, it can be done following the CDC guidelines for vaccinated people.

A Pressing Question: “What Can Seniors Do to Have Fun?


Group Exercise Classes


Exercise classes offer fun ways to stay in shape and to be around people with similar interests. Yoga, aerobics, or tai chi classes all offer tremendous health benefit, and there are classes of all skill levels.


Book Clubs


A book club gives avid readers the chance to be around other avid readers with similar tastes in literature. It gives seniors some mental exercise while also in a social element.


Art Classes


Art is another way for seniors to get their creativity fix. This might be especially important for someone who spent the majority of their adult life working, and is learning to explore new interests in retirement. Painting, drawing, pottery, or writing can all be fulfilling options.


Field Trips


Museums, libraries, and parks can all offer wonderful options for seniors to explore. It’s important to get out and enjoy the world around them. This may be especially important for those who spent the majority of the pandemic in isolation.


Live Music


At some point this summer outdoor festivals and other forms of live music could become a reality again. Under the right, safe circumstances this could offer seniors a way to connect and enjoy meaningful music.


Other Ways to Spend Time Outdoors


There are several ways to answer the question “What can seniors do to have fun?” With spring right around the corner, you can spend time outdoors together while getting your social fix. Walking clubs, gardening clubs, bird-watching, or photography may all give you ways to spend some quality time. Whatever activity you choose, just make sure it’s done safely!