So, “Why portable ramps?” is not only the title of the blog but also the question of the day. Portable ramps are amazing in the sense that not only are they easy to transport, but they are also multi-functional. They come in THREE available sizes which are: Six feet, Eight feet, and Ten feet with a width of 29 1/2 inches each.

Some highlights of these ramps are: They support a load capacity of SEVEN-HUNDRED POUNDS… which is about 700 of my favorite steaks, They require NO installation, They are made out of aircraft grade aluminum

[however we do not recommend that you attempt to fly one of these],They are fully covered with Non-skid tape, They can be used both indoor AND outdoor, They are annodized which protects them against corrosion, they have built-in anchor holes in the event that you want to make the ramp permanent, they have two carrying handles, AND a one year warranty!

So what do people use them for? Well, here are a few applications: Manual wheelchairs, Electrical wheelchairs, 3-wheel Scooters, Pets, lawn mowers, steam generators, Copy machines, DJ equipment, BBQ stoves, Concrete floor grinders, medical equipment, and other equipment with wheels. Personally I would probably use this as a bridge on my kids fort in the backyard.

Whatever purpose you are using these for, portable ramps are a great tool, addition, and investment.