Friday, August 9 is National Book Lover’s Day. At RampNow we’ve always believed in the power of a good story. Reading books can be a wonderful activity to boost seniors’ mental state and stimulate their minds.

People of any age can celebrate National Book Lover’s Day by cracking open your favorite story. Below are some of the many ways that reading a good book can benefit you.

The Mental Exercise – Simply placing your concentration over the words on a page stimulates your mind. It boosts your mental health and increases your attention span. We’re drowning in content when it comes to the internet, and the result is that it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a long attention span. Reading books can change that. It can also sharpen your critical thinking and analytical mind.

Lower Depression – It’s not uncommon for seniors to feel isolated and sad. While reading is most often an activity you partake in on your own, it can still lower depression. A good novel transports you to a new place. It allows you to leave current stresses behind, and fully concentrate on a new story. All of this can lower your depression. And if isolation is an issue, you could look for a book club to join and seek out people with similar reading interests.

Bring Joy to Your Life – The right book can be life-changing. When you are feeling overwhelmed, isolated, depressed, or frustrated, the right book can transport you out of this feeling and give you a sense of joy. A great story is a mood changer, and that can be a powerful thing for seniors.

Improved Memory – Many seniors battle memory loss, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The right daily routines can help you maintain your memory. When you read your brain is working hard to retain detail. This act alone exercises the mind and improves memory. When you give your brain something significant to remember (like the storyline of a good book), you’re fighting common ailments such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What Does Book Lover’s Day Mean to You? 

Whether you’re an avid reader, or you haven’t read a book in years, National Book Lover’s Day offers you the chance to make space in your life for a tremendously positive habit. It’s an opportunity to do something that will reinforce your well-being.

Reading books on a regular basis can have many marvelous effects on seniors’ mental health. You can start today.