Our parks and community centers play a significant role in our community. They serve as gathering spots and resources for our residents. They inspire us to go outdoors and explore the local area.

July is National Park and Recreation Month. It’s a time to show appreciation for the good that comes from our greenspace and consider ways to make sure that your local parks remain a strong and supported part of the community.

National Park and Recreation Month began in 1985 as a way to showcase the benefits of local parks and recreation centers while encouraging residents to make use of them. More than 30 years later, it still serves as a prominent reminder of their vital role in our communities.

Our Parks Play An Increased Role of Significance 

In an age of social media, video games, and device usage, these parks play an increasingly vital role in our community. They become a way for children, adults, and the elderly to connect with nature in a meaningful way. It’s critical to maintain this connection even as the indoor alternatives vie for our attention.

Parks promote an active lifestyle for kids and adults alike. Children who are more physically active do more to maintain their health, and do better in school. They’re more easily able to maintain a healthy weight.

For adults, parks can encourage walking and running, and maintaining an active lifestyle. They also encourage us to spend more time outdoors. Our outside time can improve mental health and reduce stress. It can also provide a general calming effect.

Many parks also offer senior programs and are designed with handicap accessibility in mind. So as the beautiful summertime weather takes hold – make sure that you get out and enjoy what the local outdoors has to offer.

RampNow would like to recognize the importance of our local parks in the lives of residents of all ages. The summer is a great time to unplug and take in the benefits that our local communities have to offer!