So many children’s toys are electronics these days, so it’s fun to reminisce about a simpler time. The 1950s were an era known for iconic toys that your grandchildren may still be familiar with. Below are just a few of the most popular classic toys from this era:

The Slinky – This metal coil is known for its ability to “walk” down the stairs on its own accord, and gained immense popularity throughout the decade. More contemporary versions of the toy are still known today.

The Frisbee – This toss-and-catch toy was originally known as the Pluto Platter and gained popularity in the 1950s. Today, people still play catch, but may also be inclined to head to the park and play a round of frisbee golf.

The Yo-Yo – People began trying to do tricks with their red and white yo-yo’s during this time.

Mr. Potato Head – Those familiar will remember that you can give this plastic mold of a potato any facial features that you want. Put his lips where his nose goes or his eyes where his mouth goes, no one will judge.

Barbie – This plastic doll of a fashion diva quickly became a cultural icon and a whole world sprouted up around her. Children are still playing with her today.

Erector Sets – Children were able to build their own mechanical structures with erector sets during this time. The metal beams, gears, and bolts left a lasting impression on a future generation of builders.

Hula Hoops – These hoops set off a craze and left people twirling their hips to try and keep the hoop in the air.

Which of these toys do you remember the most fondly? Which left a lasting imprint on your childhood?