I get this question all the time… and it’s a legitimate question to ask.

We have so many different types of stair lifts, ramps, and vehicle lifts that it’s hard to say exactly how much something is going to cost until we have a chance to actually see what you need.

That’s where our 15 minute quote comes in. In 15 minutes we can come up with several options whether that is buying new, used, rental, or rent to own.

Ballparks are NEVER right… it’s always a guess.

Unfortunately some companies will quote you VERY LOW in order to come out and then price you on something a lot higher because the item they quoted you over the phone on is suddenly “unavailable”. This is called bait and switch. We don’t play games and would rather be honest with you from the very beginning.

That’s why we don’t give ball parks. Each person and situation is unique and we want to do our best to accommodate that.