The Spring weather is slowly arriving in Northern Illinois and with it comes the ability to do more activities outside. For those with a green thumb or that simply want to try growing more plants, now is the time. When it comes to gardening in Illinois, you have options as to what you want to grow.

There are also many health benefits to gardening including a boost in vitamin D and a decrease in dementia risk. The type of garden might vary by your location, but the outcome can still be extremely fulfilling.

Below are a few of the types of gardens that may be practical for you wherever you are.

Container Gardens – If space is limited or you don’t have access to a patch of land, growing plants in small containers might be the optimal way around that. You can still grow flowers or vegetables this way and enjoy the benefits of getting your hands in the dirt.

Vegetables – If you’re looking to eat healthier or gain more access to vegetables in the summer months, growing them can be easy and convenient. This can be done in a back yard environment or in containers. The Illinois planting season lends itself well to cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, radishes, lettuce, and a host of other vegetables.

Water Gardens – While they may require more care and attention, water gardens can add a beautiful attraction to your Illinois backyard. The plants that go into this type of garden can become home to fish and other water life.

Community Gardens – If you want to grow a garden on plotted land and you don’t have access to a back yard, a community garden might be your best bet. Many local communities and organizations rent out plots of land for people to garden and grow their vegetables.

Options for Gardening in Illinois

Whatever your living situation and interests might be, there are options available for gardening in Illinois. It’s time to get your hands in the dirt and enjoy the spring weather!