The health benefits of journaling are not what we immediately think of when we think of filling a notebook with our thoughts. For some of us, we may think of the sticker-covered notebooks a teenage girl might fill. Others might think of filling notebooks with memoirish material.

But it doesn’t have to be either of those things. It turns out that recording your thoughts, or the events of the day may have a soothing and positive impact on your day-to-day health.

You Can Find the Many Health Benefits of Journaling

Journaling Reduces Stress – Journaling is an excellent way to reduce stress levels. This is true whether you’re using your journal for gratitude, planning, or emotional release. It is a beneficial way to clarify thoughts and feelings, allowing you to gain important self-knowledge in the process.

Journaling serves as a way to process complicated or traumatic events, allowing the experience to become fully integrated. It’s a way to find clarity in difficult places.

Improve Your Immune System – Journaling has shown enormous potential as a way to improve immune function. One doctor has mentioned that writing down your thoughts consistently is a way to strengthen some all-important immune cells. This may be because writing is a way to access both sides of your brain in the same activity, allowing you to more fully focus on what’s at hand.

A Powerful Mood Boost – Psychologists have pointed out that keeping a journal works to make you happier. Writing essentially serves as a way to regulate emotion and can improve your mood.

Memory Enhancer – Writing in a journal can be like weight lifting for your brain. The act of writing something down after the fact increases the likelihood that you’ll remember it, and helps with cognitive processing.

Start Journaling to See the Benefits


There are a lot of great health benefits of journaling, but it has to be something that you do consistently to reap the rewards. So go ahead, find time before you start your day, or before you go to bed to record some of your thoughts. If you’re looking to improve your health and wellness, one of the easiest ways is to start writing.