Thank you for checking in with us. My husband was released from the hospital on Tuesday and has used the stair lift for the first time. He likes it a lot and without it he would not be able to go upstairs since after his stroke he is not able to walk yet. Before he came home and even today I have used it myself to send a load of wash upstairs, since with my 76 years it is getting also a little bit more cumbersome to carry an armful of stuff and walk 12 steps.

I want to also say that when the stairlift was delivered and put in, I was worried a little since it was one of those snowy and icy cold days we had lately. Troy and his partner carried everything in the house and unpacked it in the living room with boxes here and there. But when they were finished putting the stairlift in and left the house, there was only one tiny piece of cardboard on the floor, otherwise nobody would have known that there were workers in the house. Great job.

I am glad my daughter found RampNow for me on the internet, I would recommend it to anybody.

Sincerely yours,

Verena E.
Park Forest, IL 60466