Maintaining Accessibility in Cold Weather

The winter time, although frigid and dreary, can still be a very productive and enjoyable time for lots of people. However, for others it can be a challenge to simply get in and out of their house.Whether you are running errands, visiting family and friends, or simply enjoying the weather; you should never have to worry about safely leaving and entering your home.

Fortunately there are several different types of accessibility equipment that RampNOW offers which can put all those worries to rest.

Regardless of the amount and configuaration of your steps, we can find a solution that will work the best for you.

Listed Below are possible options that help you enter and leave your home with ease!

RampNOW Portable Ramp
Portable Ramps are a GREAT option for a situation where you have 1 or 2 steps into your home.
They offer the convenience of being able to store them when not in use by simply folding them up.
They are also easily transportable and fold up to just about half there size.

RampNOW ramp in Naperville, IL
Modular Ramps provide easy accessibility for houses that have anywhere from 1-7 steps (depending on rise) and also can be designed to turn in the event that you need to reach a driveway or sidewalk that is adjacent to the house. They also come with options for resting and turning platforms so that you have can stop at any point coming up or down. All of our Modular ramps are equipped with double handrails, curb guards, 360 degree anti slip surface on the entire face of the ramp, as well as top plates and bottom bevels for comfortable on and off access. These can also be rented in the event that you need it on a short term basis OR if you need it long term with the option to buy off a rental. -These types of ramps can be rented-

Sterling 1000 outside stairlift. Good for any climate. From RampNOW.
Outdoor Stair lifts work very well when you have a moderate to high amount of stairs with little to no yard for an appropriately sized ramp. They have a lifting capactiy of 350 lbs and take up next to no space on your stairs. This feature allows a wide variety of users and the minimal footprint will leave your staircase open for others to come up and down who do not need the stair lift. This particular model (Handicare 1000) is one of the few stairlifts on the market that work in all four seasons… especially the notorious Midwest winter. This lift requires transfer at the top and bottom (if needed).

Platform Lifts work great when you have a moderate to high amount of steps, in a limited amount of space, and need something that will lift both the user and their power chair / scooter. It features easy to use controls on the elevator itself, and has optional controls for use outside of the elevator. There are also options for interlocking gates at the top resting position as well as 90 degree turns to accomodate tight spaces. The Vertical Platform lift is something that will eliminate all the hard work of getting someone and their wheelchair up and down the stairs.
In all of this, our main concern is safety and ease of accessiblity.
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