On National Pet Day, RampNow would like to acknowledge the positive impacts that our animals can have in our lives. For the elderly and disabled, there are many therapeutic and general health benefits to pet ownership.

There’s a reason dogs are also known as man’s best friend. They make wonderful companions. Pets in general are a great way to alleviate loneliness. Let’s look at the way that dogs and other pets can have positive health benefits on the lives of seniors and the disabled.

Reduced Isolation – Studies have shown that the presence of a dog, cat or rabbit has improved the general mood of palliative care patients. Similar studies have shown positive effects with autism and Alzheimer’s patients. The constant companionship of an animal lessens the impacts of isolation, which can be great for seniors. Simply having an animal around is a proven mood lifter.

Reduced Anxiety – Health complications are stressful. That’s true of the slow and accumulative effects of aging, or the seemingly abrupt changes that can come with a disability diagnosis. Pet ownership is a proven way to reduce that anxiety. Petting a dog or cat can be extremely relaxing. The responsibility that comes with caring for an animal can also have a positive impact on seniors and the disabled.

Physical Health Benefits – People with animals tend to have lower blood pressure and heart rates than those who don’t. They also tend to have a lower risk of heart disease. Part of this is likely due to the exercise that comes with walking a dog. The positive impacts on your health can be a great positive for seniors and the disabled.

For the seniors and disabled who can take on the responsibilities, pet ownership can have a tremendous impact, and a great benefit. Happy National Pet Day, from RampNow!




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