Self-improvement is something anyone can benefit from, including the elderly and the disabled. There is no age limit to this process. We can all find ways to increase our quality of life.

September is National Self Improvement Month. In honor of this, we included some simple steps that seniors or the disabled can take to achieve a higher quality of life. Depression, loneliness and declining health tend to be significant problems in the aging population. There are small steps that can be taken to fight these realities.

Read a Book You’ll Enjoy – If you’re feeling depressed or lonely, a good book has the power to transport you somewhere new. Seeking new knowledge can reinvigorate your curiosity and give you new purpose. A great novel also has the ability to capture our imagination.

Reconnect With Friends and Family – What friends or family members have you fallen out of touch with? It may be time to go out for coffee, take a walk, or see a movie together. The act of doing something together can alleviate loneliness.

Find a Hobby – Many of the problems associated with aging can sink in when we don’t find meaningful activities to occupy our time. Now is the time to pick up a new hobby? What have you always wanted to try that you never had the time for? It may be time to finally try cooking, painting, writing, hiking, or swimming. You don’t have to be good at it off the bat. You simply need to try new things.

Stay Active – This can mean different things to different people. For some, it may mean simply going outside or taking a short walk. For others it may mean biking, hiking, swimming or the martial arts. Whatever your level of fitness, it’s important to stay active and move your body to any degree possible.

Improve Home Safety – Accidents can happen all over the home. Your bathroom can be a particularly risky place. The same is true with exterior walkways. At RampNow and Home Access Products, we have you covered.

Volunteer – Finding a cause or an organization to help can give you more fulfilment. It is also a great way to fight isolation and meet new people.


It’s never too late to improve yourself. With a few small steps, you can make drastic changes to your life that will help you feel more fulfilled.