In one year alone, 21.8 million Americans over the age of 15 suffered non-fatal, unintentional injuries in their bathroom, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Whether we know it or not, the bathroom can be a hazardous room.

While this statistic is for people over the age of 15, picture your accident-prone toddler who likes to move and dance while you give them a shower. The shower floor can be surprisingly slick for the healthiest among us – especially with a stream of shampoo, conditioner and soap running underneath our feet.

There are home hazards we need to be aware of all through the house. While most of our work at RampNow is concentrated on the disabled and the elderly, home safety is something that everyone can benefit from.

A grab bar or a vinyl mat over the shower floor prevent you from hitting the floor when you lose your footing. It can also help that dancing toddler who keeps moving at full speed, even under the most slippery of circumstances.

There are home safety considerations outside the bathroom that can benefit even the healthiest in the house, as well.

Think about the next time you attempt to multitask and book it down a flight of stairs while checking your phone for messages. You may find yourself extremely happy that there are rails on both sides of the stairway, even if you’ve taken that set of stairs thousands of times in the past.

A ramp is also easier to walk up than a set of stairs. While they are ideal for wheelchair users, anyone can benefit from the added safety. Think about that next time you’re lugging furniture or groceries, or simply tired from working a long day.

Everyone in the house can benefit from added home safety measures. Contact RampNow today for additional ideas on what this could mean for your home!