[Pictured from left to Right: Cassandra, Nate, Ozzie, Chris, John, Carlos, and Jose]
It was the mark of any great baseball game… the weather was admirable and festivities filled the air. We were on the forefront of something exciting as we filled the sky box; we were not let down. As the National Anthem was sung and the first pitch thrown out, we had our fill of hot dogs, burgers, and chicken wings. What ensued was hours of laughing, talking, eating, and relationship building. The Cougars lost that night… in grand fashion if I do say so myself… but even in the midst of that we were privy to a fireworks celebration as well as “running the bases” afterwards. They say that in the end, all you are left with, is memories. I think it is safe to say that we will all remember this night for some time to come. Thanks John.