Summer is well upon us and so is the need to go up and down an exterior flight of stairs to gain access to the home. In some situations, that may be a ramp. In others, that may mean an outdoor stairlift.

There are some considerations that you’ll need to make with an outdoor stairlift – especially if you’re looking to maximize the lifespan.

Consider Climate 

You may come to depend on an outdoor stairlift. After some usage, it can become something that you take for granted. You need to make sure that it’s fully operational and in working condition when you need to make a quick run to the grocery store for something urgent. This takes some care in the Chicago-area winters and rain.

Make sure you choose a stairlift that is water proof and comes with a water proof cover to protect it for unseasonal days. You’ll be happy you did when the weather is less than ideal.

A Key Switch 

Outdoor stairlifts can be a great way to retain a certain level of independence and allow seniors to age in place. Caretakers can still have input on usage however. Some outdoor stairlifts have a key switch that prevents unauthorized use of the lift.

This can give family members and caretakers a little added peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones won’t be able to use the lift on their own – if they’re not supposed to.

Professional Inspection  

An outdoor stairlift is a significant investment. It’s important to consider the quality of the product and the lifespan – especially when user safety is a consideration. When you are shopping for a stairlift, look for whether it’s been tested or approved by any outside safety services.

Do you have further questions about an outdoor stairlift purchase? Contact us today to find out more!