October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

It’s not uncommon for seniors or the disabled to feel lonely. In fact, it is a rampant problem in the U.S, with nearly half Americans reporting they feel lonely, according to this study.

The good news is October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. That makes October the perfect month to find a 4-legged living companion. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the American Humane Association (AHA) use the month to promote shelter dog adoptions.

These adoptions give animals that may otherwise be euthanized a second chance at life. Shelter dogs can give humans some astounding benefits as well.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month: The Benefits to the Elderly

Pets tend to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and provide an opportunity for increased physical activity. Those daily walks are beneficial for both you and your companion.

Dogs increase social interactions. They provide an opportunity to talk with other dog owners inside your building or your neighborhood. You may find other dog owners on walks outside or at the dog park.

Dogs give their owners a sense of responsibility. It can be beneficial for seniors to feed, walk and become the caregiver for a dog. This offers the opportunity for a heightened sense of purpose.

Dogs can help seniors maintain a sense of independence. They can serve as ears for the deaf or eyes for the blind. They can warn you when there is danger, or possibly more often, when a package has arrived at the door.

Adopting a Dog

By adopting (vs. shopping at a pet store) you are giving an animal a second chance at life. Your local animal shelter can walk you through the process involved an help you select an animal that is right for you.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month is the perfect time to find your ideal companion.