It’s tough to talk to your parents about aging. After all, they’re your parents, and you don’t want to offend them. The trepidation and fear you may feel as you approach this type of conversation is completely normal and understandable.

If this is a conversation you’re looking to have in the new year, we have some practical solutions for you.

The key is to not let your discomfort impact the timing of the conversation. It’s critical to create an open line of communication before a crisis occurs. This conversation can often come with some significant life changes that may require some getting used to on the part of your parents.

Suggestions on how to talk to your parents about aging

Prepare for it

If it helps, you can create an outline to organize your thoughts. This way when you feel nervous later, you can be sure that you won’t forget significant points. Make sure that you communicate that the conversation is occurring with their safety in mind.

Let them know you’re keeping an open mind. If it helps, you can do a practice run before the actual conversation.

Keep their feelings in mind

You’re asking your parents to make certain sacrifices for their health. This is tough no matter the situation. Make sure to listen to what they have to say, no matter whether you agree or not.

Consider the audience  

If there are others from the family, such as siblings, who should be present for this conversation, make sure and include them. Make sure that you are in a quiet and private place, where everyone can focus on the conversation.

Ease into the conversation

There are tactful ways to talk to your parents about aging. If you can ease into the conversation subtly, they may not feel so blindsided. You could time the conversation around a story in the media regarding an aging celebrity. You can ask them what their priorities are so that you can work to make it easier for them.

If you’re coming at the conversation in a respectful way that shows you have their best interest in mind, the whole thing may become easier.

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