Today is World Down Syndrome Day, and it is an opportunity to advocate for Down syndrome awareness.

Currently there are more than 400,000 people living with Down syndrome in the United States, according to the National Down Syndrome Society. That equates to one in every 691 live births. Due to medical advancements, the average lifespan of someone with Down syndrome continues to increase. They are living more productive lives, contributing to society.

Some listed objectives for World Down Syndrome Day:

  • To empower people with Down syndrome to advocate for their rights and opportunities to make meaningful contributions.
  • To explain what people with Down syndrome can do to make meaningful contributions.
  • To reach out to key stakeholders including educators, employers and public authorities.

The day has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012, and it started in a handful of countries around the world in 2006.

An Increase in Life Span

The first five years of life are the hardest, because of risk of cardiac death. If a person with Down syndrome makes it to 5, they have an 80 percent chance of making it past 30, and a 60 percent chance of making it past 50. It is only in recent decades that they began living into adulthood.

Advancements in modern health care as well as more community living opportunities have resulted in this increase in life expectancy.

As people with Down syndrome continue to live longer they can make lasting and valuable contributions to society. They need the same type of preventative care as the general population, so they can continue to lead healthy and productive lives. They may benefit from community living, where they can be surrounded by peers.

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