RampNow specializes in ramps of all different types, shapes, sizes, and structures. These ramps serve all kinds of purposes ranging from: Manual and powered wheelchairs to Scooters, medical equipment, and other equipment with wheels. Most of all though, our ramps are designed with the person in mind… we construct ramps and platforms to make independence a reality once again. A lot of times people become prisoners in their own homes simply because they are unable to navigate their way in or out. We strive to make getting in and out of their houses a reality and easy to do… the way it should be. As we go further into the article I will discuss the different types of ramps that we have available.
Modular Ramps: Unlike other ramps, modular ramps do not require permits to install. They can be custom built to fit most any staircase. ADA guidelines ask for a 1:12 ratio when it comes to measuring the proper length, height, and grade for the ramp you need. For example, if a staircase is approximately 10” in height, you will need 10 feet of ramp to insure that safety is of the utmost importance. If you have a ramp that is too steep it will be harder to push the patient up the slope and if a ramp isn’t high enough you will have an unnecessary length of track that is just taking up too much room. Our ramps are made of aircraft grade aluminum and have an anti-skid surface, they are also anodized which protects against corrosion. All in all they are great for bringing accessibility back into someone’s life again.
Portable Ramps: Portable ramps, like their name, are ramps that you can easily set up and down as needed. They fold up and have a carrying handle on the side… very similar to a suitcase. They come in three different sizes: 6 foot, 8 foot, and 10 foot; and all of our ramps are 30 inches wide. They have a seven-hundred pound load capacity and require no installation whatsoever; however, in the event that you want to make the ramp semi permanent, there are two built in anchor holes that allow for mounting. Some of the intended loading applications are as follows: Curbs, decks, steps, side doors of vans, back doors of Suv’s, tailgates of pickups… the list goes on and on. They can also be used indoor and outdoor. They are fully covered with non-skid tape and carry a one year warranty. Most people love portable ramps because of the cost, ease of use, and functionality.
Threshold ramps: The low profile aluminum THRESHOLD WHEELCHAIR RAMP is ideal for use at doorways and thresholds from 1/2″ to 6″ in height. The RUBBER THRESHOLD WHEELCHAIR RAMP is made of recycled rubber and can be used for thresholds up to 2-3/16″. This design is especially useful for sliding doors or doors that fit tightly in their frame as it does not cross the threshold. All sizes come with tapered edges and a molded slip resistant surface. Adhesive is available and the ramps can be easily cut to custom widths. These threshold ramps make getting in and out of doorways simple and easy once again.
All in all, from my experience and in my humble opinion I can tell you that RampNOW can provide the right ramp for you! It’s just a click away! Please feel free to visit us at: www.rampnow.com