While Memorial Day is the unofficial launch to the summer season, the meaning goes much deeper beyond our barbeques and pool parties.

The federal holiday originated as a way to honor and commemorate our fallen veterans – a meaning that still holds true today. The states began recognizing the holiday at the close of the 19th century to commemorate those lost in the Civil War. By World War I, it was a day to recognize fallen veterans in all wars.

The day was at one time called Decoration Day, as a reminder to decorate the appropriate graves. Today we have parades and festivals to mark the occasion. Many people have the day off from work and enjoy the unofficial start to the summer season. There will be a variety of events around the Aurora area to celebrate the day and reflect on the work of those who lost their lives protecting our freedoms.

Whether you attend one of these events or not, it’s important to reflect on the true meaning of the day. It’s important to remember and appreciate the work of the soldiers who died in the line of duty. Take a pause between bites of bratwurst, or as you swim in the pool, to remember the sacrifice of others.

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