RampNOW stair lifts are easy on the eyes and the wallet! It’s loaded with features and benefits usually found on lifts costing significantly more.

Let’s start with the seat, it is a large, comfortable swivel seat that will take you where you need to go in comfort and style. Also, regardless of where you stop or park the lift you can rest assured that the constant charging feature will insure that you are always ready for your next trip down memory lane. Along with the track, the stair lift’s sleek design means that you will always have enough room on your staircase for others to use as well.

RampNOW stair lifts can also be installed by our trained professionals in less than an hour, so it won’t take long before you are on your way to riding in style.

The Specs on our RampNOW stair lifts are what separates us from the rest of the pack. The footplate on our Stair lifts come within a half inch of the floor at the bottom of your steps and it comes flush with the top step at the top of your stairs, making getting on and getting off, safe and easy. The armrests fold up and down to make transporting easy, and the hand rests are oversized so that getting up from your seat is a breeze when you have something to hold onto. We also have safety sensors in eight different spots on the stair lift to ensure that if anything is obstructing the path, yes even a teddy bear, that the stair lift will stop upon contact and will not move unless the obstruction is cleared.

Another nice thing about the stair lifts here at RampNOW is the DC power supply which runs on a constant charge. What is most convenient about that feature is that if the power in your home ever goes out you have the assurance and security that you will still be able to use your lift. We also feature used, pre-owned, refurbished, and second-hand stair lifts that are available.

RampNOW stairlifts also have unique steering controls which allow easy operation for those that struggle with limited dexterity. Another feature that is great about the RampNOW stairlifts is the diagnostic display. The diagnostic display is crucial as it allows you to identify the problem, asses the appropriate measure of action, and resolve the issue. We also include remote controls with most of our rentals. This also includes our used, pre-owned, refurbished, and second-hand units.

Our stairlifts also feature a lockout control which is operated by a key switch. This is great for people that do not want unauthorized users operating the stairlift without permission.

We also feature short-term and long-term rental on most of our stairlifts. This is especially useful for clients who do not want to purchase a stairlift or only have need for a certain amount of time. Either way, we offer competitive pricing on all of our stairlifts… be they used, pre-owned, refurbished, or second-hand.

All in all, the stairlifts at RampNOW are undeniably the choice when it comes to accomplishing your need for accessibility, independence, and comfort.