What are some things that you think of when you hear the word solitude? Perhaps you think of a monk that lives in a monetary in the mountains, maybe you’re saying to yourself “Solitude? What is this word you speak of? I am constantly surrounded by people!”, lastly you might think of that word as loneliness.

However you think of it, I’m not entirely convinced that it is just a physical place, but rather a mental and emotional state of rest and being that can be very healing for you. When you are able to find solitude, even momentarily, there are three benefits that come as a result.



  1. Solitude allows you to be more comfortable with who you are: You’ve heard the phrase “wherever you go, there you are”, well it’s true. You can’t escape yourself. Being able to have moments of intentional solitude, however that looks, allows you to get back to the basics of who you are, to explore that, and to find comfort in that process.


  1. Solitude inspires creativity: Have you ever found yourself stuck on an issue, problem, or situation that you just can’t seem to figure out or solve? You decide to give yourself some time to walk away and then when you return the answer just magically jumps out at you. Well, it’s not magic, it is giving your brain the space to rest so that new ideas and solutions can spark creativity. You take yourself out of the weeds and can step back and see the bigger pictures.


  1. Solitude can help with your mental wellbeing: whether that is meditation or simply just getting away to a forest preserve or even driving in your car listening to music, you can push out all distractions, all stimulus, be alone with yourself and allow your body and mind the room to breathe. If you can do that on a semi-regular basis you will find more peace in what you are doing.

At the end of the day, the ability to take time for yourself is so important because when you do that you are lighting a fire within yourself that will keep those around you warm.

The video below covers this in a weekly talk, from the owner Carlos Lopez, called Happy Friday. Enjoy!